Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snowing, Snowing, Snowing

It started snowing about 6am this morning and it hasn't given up all day.  There is about 8-10 inches of new snow on the ground.  And it is pretty cold out too, around 12F.  I have hibernated all day.  Been in my scrap room trying to clean up after creating a mini album and Christmas cards.  I think I may have made a dent in it.
And Cait has decided to go and have coffee with a high school friend who is home for the holidays, asking her dad to chauffeur her.  He just called to say they arrived at appointed destination.  Our next door neighbor is so helpful!  He just came by with the snow blower in front of the house and I went out and did from the house to the walk.  We shall see how much snow falls over night.  It will be a winter wonderland come the morning.!!!!

Will be taking photos then.  I did actually take some of the squirrel in the bird feeder today.

But will share a few photos from Christmas morning. 

 The kids arrived in new coats.  Harlee with a Frozen figure and Nic with a Mindcraft one.  You can see we had a white Christmas
 He was so excited!!!!
 Nic got a Lego hoodie from his auntie.  He was still wearing it the next day when he came over!
 The princess handed out the presents
 Another motorcycle!
And a Lightening MacQueen.
And everyone wanted to play with the little guys stuff!!!


Tracy said...

Christmas is so much more fun with little ones around. I love to see the excitement and joy on their faces :)

Lisa said...

What sweet pictures!! They are so adorable!! Ugh with the snow...thankfully we didn't have a white Christmas!! Happy, happy new year!! I hope 2015 is filled with much love, happiness and many, many blessings :)

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