Sunday, October 4, 2015

First Snow of the Season!

Yesterday was Oct. 3rd and we had our first snowfall of the season.  Not just in the air, but it actually stuck to the ground.  And after taking Curtis across town to the airport early this morning us on the east side had more.  Our high was in the low 30's and it is currently only 36F here.  Brrr...   It isn't even Canadian Thanksgiving yet, by gosh!

Yesterday, we also had the Grandkids,while Kirsten was working.  Tim flew to Phoenix to to help a buddy drive home, who has been at motorcycle mechanic school down there.  They are currently driving home and I bet they will be back tonight, if the roads are good.  We had a busy day with the 3 minions.  We took them out to Home Depot, as it was kids day and they built a couple of little boxes.  Plus, Curtis and I picked up a couple of items we needed.  Cooper covered his ears the whole time. We also visited Amazing Toys, where I left  a buck or two.  Nic had had an extremely good week and he deserved a reward.  Lunch was tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Perfect for a snowy, cold day.  We put The Polar Express on the TV and had quiet time with Cooper, but he didn't want to nap.  Nana sure did, after being since 4am.  And then Nana and Harlee backed cookies.  She's great at cracking eggs.  But not so great at tipping Vanilla into a spoon.  And that stuff is expensive!  We all had dinner and soon their mam was here.  Good thing I put Cooper into some jammies, as he crashed on the drive home.  He is pretty excited about the snow.  A new word in his vocabulary.

Nic got to dress up like a fireman at Home Depot, too!

I have been creating my Halloween cards while Curtis is on an Avis drive to Calgary.  Not, such a long drive as Idaho Falls, which he did last week.


Greta said...

Oh wow--snow already! It is beautiful, but bet you wish it'd wait awhile! Fabulous cards--wonderfully created!

Tracy said...

Awww your Halloween cards are so cute…love the one with the kitty :)
Snow!!!!!! say it isn't so!!!!!
sounds like a fun day with the little ones :)

Nat said...

noooooo not snow, not yet!!! your leaves have turned red much faster than ours here. love your cards the black cat paw reading is super cool!! :)

Lisa said...

It seems too early for snow!! Ugh!! Winter is approaching too quickly!! I love both of your cards!! The images are awesome!! Have a great day :)

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