Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Busy Tuesday!

It has been a busy day!!  And with it being after a holiday, my week will be all screwed up!!
My buddy Cooper came to spend the morning with me.

We had a couple of trees cut down in our backyard.  They just needed to go.  Plus our other trees got trimmed up too.  So much more light in the backyard now!  Curtis gets to build a playset for the grandmunchkins now.

H. had a kindergarten spring program this afternoon.  Cooper had to have a big blow out before we went and therefore had a bath in nana's sink.  He just doesn't fit in there.

But after eating, pooping and having a bath he was all set and slept through the whole program.  The program was adorable.  Their theme was all about families.  Harlee had a speaking part at the beginning to start the whole thing off.
She was dressed so pretty, but managed to get a hole in her brand  new tights.  Told Kirsten we are going to have to start up a tight fund for her!  She made a special hat and came in looking for her mum and nana. 


Grandad! said...

Pretty fancy young lady there! {!-{>

Tracy said...

Awww she is such a cutie :)
Isn't that the way, just about to leave and its clean up time,lol.
so happy you had a wonderful day :)

Nat said...

super sweet pictures, think you need a bigger sink! :) have a great day!

cait! said...

Cooper's expression in the sink pretty much expresses how I feel about showers!