Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain, Rain and more Rain.

It started raining yesterday afternoon and I don't think it has stopped.  I know we need the moisture, but my grass it getting out of control!!!
And the rain stayed away long enough for Harlee to get a field trip into Giant Springs yesterday.  They got to feed the fish and saw some Great Horned Owls.
Curtis' sister and husband arrived yesterday for a couple of days.  So everyone was here for dinner last night. 
Today, was my day with Cooper.  But Kirsten called that Nic was misbehaving at preschool and could I take him too.  So, it was the two boys and me. 
Yesterday, I also had my check up from having my surgery and all is going well, just a couple more weeks of taking it easy.  I sure feel it at the end of the day, and am just pooped out. 
Not looking forward to heading back and having to work those 12 hour shifts. 
Tomorrow Curtis heads home after being in Idaho for the last 2 weeks and missing his sister's visit.
 I will leave you with one more card and one more layout.


Tracy said...

Cute card and layout.
I hope you were able to have a nice long nap after the boys went home, I know I would, teehee.

Nat said...

seeing your scrapbook layouts makes me want to create! love your card too, both are wonderful!! :)