Friday, May 10, 2013

Picture of the week#19

My backyard is full of blooms. The temps have warmed up significantly and we have a beautiful backyard. With the heat predicted over the weekend , the blooms won't last around too long.

Have had a better day and less pain. Hopefully have turned the corner now. Got a few groceries, went to the post office and bank. And attended to a few bills that have been neglected for the past week and balanced our check book. Kirsten and Cooper visited for a bit.
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Nat said...

gorgeous blossoms! today here in Toronto is the first day we really noticed our Apple Tree in full bloom. so beautiful We expect apples this year which the deer will enjoy. I will have to take a photo too. wishing you a beautiful weekend :)

Tracy said...

I would love to just sit and admire your blooms right now.
I had a couple of cherry blossom trees at out old home, they are stunning when in full bloom.
Nothing blooming here yet. But I do see the tops of my lilies poking out :)
I heard rain or (gasp) snow for tomorrow :(