Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Picture of the week #21

I love this picture, not because it s great, but because it shows total joy from a little boy. Taken at one of H's soccer games.

It's the middle of the week and I have had a busy day!
My mouth is feeling better this evening, although I still made some soft food for dinner.
I was awake early, but went back to sleep until 8. Jumped out of bed and got ready for the day. I headed out to the dreaded Walmart for a few things and also to the health food store.
Kirsten showed up around lunch with Cooper. She went out and got my lawn mowed while I watched the baby. She had a meeting at the school and I picked up H and brought her home for the afternoon. Made some Mac and cheese, some tapioca pudding and some banana muffins.
Pretty busy for me at the moment!
Rain in the forecast for tonight. No time for crafting today!

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