Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hey, I am 2Weeks Old!

And you better take note. After dropping his weight to 8lb-15 oz during his one week check head gained that back and more. Up to 9lb.-7oz for week 2. And 22-1/2 in long!

I got to watch him for about an hour yesterday, while H had her soccer game. He was a good little man.
Today I plan to go with H to her princess make-over. $$$ are going to March of Dimes and therefore preemie babies. She has no idea this is happening today? Nana got her a purple, Tangled dress to wear. That will be my one short outing for today! Curtis is off on his 2nd day of his photo workshop!

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cait! said...

What a cutie. Can't wait to come home and just squish him with my love. Your location is so specific now! That's a new addition.

Tracy said...

He is such a sweetie :)