Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday post--Happy Summer!!!

The calendar says summer is here.  Longest day of the year!!!!  4 years ago we were in Fairbanks, Alaska for this special day! 
But on this longest day of the year I spent it in Great Falls.  I was sick on Thursday night.  Glad I was better by the afternoon to watch all the munchkins.  All three of them.  Cooper was fussy, didn't want to nap.  And the other 2 played outside and then came in for a bit.  Had a little to eat and then headed over to take them to the pool.  Kirsten was working and Tim kept Cooper at home.
Curtis had a long day on the road.  Over to Lincoln and then up to Browning.  He says he put about 400 mi on the road!  No wonder he can't get much work done with all that driving!!!!!

Leaving you with a little crafty project I did for Caitlin for her birthday.  I can show you now her day is over and she has opened her presents up.
It is an altered frame.  I took the glass out and Curtis cut some metal mesh to put in the middle.  So she can use push pins or magnets with it.  I used Fancy pants Swagger to cover the wood.  And decorated it up and she loves it.  She already has it hanging in her room. 


Nat said...

this is really cool, I bet she loves using this and it looks fab too!! :)

Tracy said...

This is such a fun project.
I love the idea of taking out the glass and replacing it with the metal mesh.