Sunday, June 2, 2013

Playing in the Rain

I enjoyed a couple or so hours with H&N.  Nic was driving his mother over the edge, so I said to bring him over and he could run around the backyard.  They were here for a while and then it started raining and they wanted to be out in the rain.  We found a couple of umbrellas for them.  They had a grand time out prancing in the rain.  You can also see the grass in the back did not get totally cut as it was still wet.  And now it is getting wetter. 

I got my cookies baked this morning.  Gave all the goodies and tray to Kirsten to get it all set up and I will help her in the morning go to the preschool.  And made a trip to Sams for photos and a few other goodies.  Still managed to spend almost $100.  Looking at outdoor play/ swing set for the grandmunchkins to put where the apple tree came out.  Our project to get ordered in the next day or two. 


Nat said...

oh, to be a kid again! such happy times :) great photos, thanks for sharing !!

Tracy said...

Looks like they had a blast :)
My girls still take the umbrella's out in the rain when we are at the cottage :)

S said...

What great snapshots - it looks like such fun. And I know who quickly we can all run up at tab at Sam's - what a great place to shop.