Sunday, June 30, 2013

Picture of the WeeK #26

If I am at week 26, that means half the year is over.  Scary thought.  Saturday, I saw someone had posted -like 177 until Christmas.  Like, who is thinking about that at the end of June.  Certainly not me.  And it is way too hot out to be thinking of Christmas. 

Have been out this morning mowing the grass before it got too hot.  Believe you me, I was sweating out there.  And Curtis got the roof on the little upper room of the play set. 

I did some running around with Kirsten in preparation for Nic's 5th birthday in 2 weeks.  Now I am back home and staying inside with the AC running.  Such a wimp I am anymore. 

Pictures are from my Peony bush out back. The blooms are all gone now it is so hot. 

Yesterday Kirsten and the kids came over and spent the afternoon and stayed for dinner.  I felled their little pool up, but quickly found out it is leaking.  Have to find them a new one.  There wasn't a big investment into it. 


Nat said...

such a beautiful bloom! I can't believe the year is half over already, wow time sure does flies!

Tracey said...

So your gorgeous bloom!

Tracy said...

Your flowers are so pretty. I love these big blooms.
I have a beautiful Peony, my FIL gave it to me after my MIL passed away.
It gets leaves and looks healthy, but I have yet to get any flowers :( It has been that way since she passed away over 10 yrs ago.