Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1

Missed my post for July 1, so catching up today.

It was  Happy Canada Day. My Canadian flag is out flying. 

Even though I live in the states, I my heart is still in Canada!

And I will remain Canadian, unless I am forced into becoming an American!

Spent Canada Day on the road, driving to Missoula(about 3 hr. away).  Kirsten's hubby had a car hoist that had a deffective part and needed to return the old one and bring back a new one. 
And Kirsten and Tim just can't find the time to do this.  So, Kirsten, Harlee and Cooper and I headed out early yesterday.  Didn't think Nic would appreciate spending 6 hours cooped up in a car.  Even though it is nana's bus. 
So, we got the part returned,  Had some yummy lunch at Famous Daves,  Did a little shopping at the mall.  And headed home.  Got home in time to take the kids swimming. 
Had planned to hit Costco, but that just didn't happen.  It was way too busy and I didn't feel like fighting with the crowds. 
And it is hot!!!  Saw 100F once driving home!!!!  Glad for AC in the car and the house. 


Tracey said...

Happy Canada Day......a little late, sorry! My husband is Canadian... and always will be too!

Tracy said...

It was a warm one here as well. Not as hot as in your area though.
After the winter we had, I wouldn't be complaining, lol.
Happy Canada Day to you as well :)