Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tim

Today, is Kirsten's husband-Tim's birthday!!!  Which he will now share with the new royal baby. 
No big celebrations, as he was working his 2 jobs today.  Harlee thought he should be able to have the day off since it was his birthday. 
Curtis left early and is on the road tonight.  I picked up Kirsten and headed out to Home Depot.  I needed some boxes.  Having my wood floors redone next week and need to pack up a few things so they can move furniture-  everything out of my china cabinet, all my santas,  my teacups, some books, and all our CD's.  Hopefully I have enough.  Then we visited Target to pick out school supplies for the munchkins.  Barely a month and they will be back to school.
Kirsten brought the kids over later this afternoon and they played in the pool and had dinner with me.
Had a call from Kirsten after they got home.  Harlee lost her 2nd top tooth.  It won't be easy for her to eat corn on the cob this summer!!!!

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Tracy said...

Tim also shares a birthday with my daughter ;)