Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Storms

We have had some storms moving through Great Falls all day.  Started early this morning around 3:30 with thunder and lightening. 
When I was coming out of swimming with Harlee this evening, Kirsten had been trying to call me to let me know it was super windy with power lines and tree limbs down.  Yes, it was very windy and the temperature had cooled down significantly. 

The storm cells were huge!!!  Places had received golf ball hail.  Thankfully not us, and it our pwer was not affected. 

Curtis and I took a short drive out of town to capture these shots!  Don't you love the blue skies and the green of the wheat fields?  

 Wheat blowing in the wind

Have had a busy day, not at work, just at home.  Was up in the middle of the night with the storm.  Had Harlee and Cooper for a while today.  Nicholas was at a summer program that the preschool provides once a week.  Got the bathrooms cleaned.  Curtis had driven 2 hours north for some work today and when he got home we headed to the dreaded Walmart.  Wanted to pick up a bicycle for Mr. Nic.  His birthday is this week.  Hard to believe he will be 5.  Not only did we get a bike, but a few other goodies.  Headed home and cooked dinner and headed to the pool. 


Nat said...

those clouds are so light and fluffy, really beautiful!!
We are having crazy weather here, a 5 hour black out tonight due to a bad rain storm. lots of flooding here too. Hope you have a good week! :)

cait! said...

Funny that those storms are so big and dangerous. From afar it looks downright pastoral!

Tracy said...

Gorgeous photos.
The colours are so vivid.