Friday, July 26, 2013

Home For a Visit

Caitlin is home for the next week.  She worked extra on most of her days this week, so she could leave early yesterday and head for MT.  She got 100 mi. west of Missoula and had to stop at a rest area and sleep some.  She was back on the road early this morning and home by 11am.  I had just got back from the grocery store and doing some watering of plants outside.  Another hot day, into the 90's.  A cool down for this next week is muchly anticipated. 
She packed no clean clothes.  Just brought home a hamper full of dirty clothes.  You think she was still in college or something.  H&N were excited to get over here and see her.  And she got to meet Mr. C for the first time.  H is spending another weekend at nana's.  Too bad nana has to work all weekend. 


Tracy said...

So happy for you that you have your daughter home again :)
So exciting for her to meet her nephew :)

Nat said...

oh, she looks very happy to be home!! love the second photo so much they both look so happy!!! :)