Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Pirate Party

Yesterday we had a pirate party in our backyard to celebrate Nic's 5th birthday.  The weather co-operated nicely.  It couldn't have been a more perfect day- not too hot.  Quite a few people showed up and the back decks were full.  The kids had fun walking the plank.  Going on a treasure hunt and trying their luck breaking the pirate ship pinata.  Nic got lots of nice things and the talking minion was the hit of the party.  Not only with the kids, but with the adults too.  He was excited to get on the bike and it went home in Grandpa Skips trunk. 

Today, has been a quiet day at home--which I greatly needed.  Curtis and I went out for breakfast.  And I have been watering the grass as it is starting to dry out in places because of all the hot weather we have been having.  Tomorrow it is back to the grind to work 2 days. 


cait! said...

Man that looks like fun!

Nat said...

looks like the party was a hit. walking the plank does look fun!! looking forward to seeing scrapbook layouts created with these great memories :)