Friday, July 5, 2013

Fantastic Fireworks!!!

Last night Curtis and I headed out to Flag Hill to watch fireworks. We went about an hour early so we didn't have to fight fir a parking place.  It was quite nice out and the bugs were not too bad either. 
Here are some of the fireworks I captured on film.

Not too much for exciting for today!!!  Had H, N, and C here for  the day.  And keeping them wrangled.  Thank goodness Curtis was around to help!  Harlee has had this top wiggly tooth forever.  She told me on Monday when we went to Missoula it was ready to come out.  It was still wiggling around today.  She went home and out it came!!!  


perlyfam said...

Love the fireworks photos!

Nat said...

wow, great pics, I love fireworks too!

Tracy said...

Oh my Goodness, your photos are stunning.
All so gorgeous