Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It was Another Scorcher

with the mercury pushing up to 100F.  Way to hot for this early in the summer.  Usually happens late in July-into August.  Starts to dry things out very, very quickly.
I went out for my walk early this morning and it hadn't even really cooled down from yesterday-still 72out!  I watered the grass and the plants.  I ran to the grocery store and it was a zoo with everyone getting ready for the 4th, tomorrow.  I came home and headed into the basement where it is nice and cool and got all my ironing done and finished watching Les Mis. 
Only took 3 rounds of ironing to watch the entire thing-that is one long movie.  I put dinner in the crock pot, so I wouldn't have to think about cooking later in the day.  After dinner it was off to the pool with Kirsten and the kids for swimming lessons. 

I want one of these- a glass of Sangria from last weekend when the heat was just getting started.
My future deep sea diver.
Found out their little pool had a leak and got them a new one today.  They can try it out tomorrow when they will be here for a lunch time BBQ.

 Nic trying out the new picnic table of the play set, enjoying some grapes. 


perlyfam said...

It's been hot here too! Today should be cooler at 84 or so. Happy 4th of July!

Nat said...

sounds like the kids are keeping cool with the pool! hope you are too. :)honestly I can't wait for fall. this weather is just too extreme.

Tracy said...

Despite the heat, the kids look like they are having a blast :)