Sunday, July 21, 2013

Making Smores

Friday evening when Harlee was here. She wanted to roast marshmallows in the outside fireplace.  I didn't have any big marshmallows.  She and Curtis headed off to the grocery store for some.  They came back with chocolate too, so we could make smores. 
She had done this at least once before when we took her camping to Yellowstone. 

Had a quiet day hanging out at home.  This morning Curtis and our friend, Robyn got the digital files all organized for the digital entries for the fair.  A first for me- I actually entered some photos in the fair.  We shall see how they fare.  Harlee and I ran to the grocery store for fixings to make her daddy a banana cream pie for his birthday tomorrow.  She doesn't think he should have to go to work on his birthday.  We ran the princess home after lunch and then headed to the fair grounds so I could submit my scrapbook entries.  I am more sure about them winning.  We shall see.  We came home and booked hotels for our drive down to Disneyland in
Sept. Gradually it is coming together. 


Tracy said...

My girls love s'mores as well :)
I, myself just like my toasty roasty marshmallows ;)
Looks like Harlee, is having a blast :)
Harlee's daddy shares the same birthday as my Ashley :)

Nat said...

those smores sure look yummy :) looks like the perfect backyard afternoon! wishing you best of luck at the fair!!