Friday, July 19, 2013

End of Another Week

Another Friday has arrived, so another week has almost ended.  This time next week Cait will be home and we are all excited for that. 
It was another day of watching grandkids, except I had Curtis around to help.  All went well.  And I guess Nic crashed on the way home.  Harlee is spending the weekend here and soaking up grandparent time.  Every once in a while this happens.  And she wants to come back next weekend when her auntie is here.  Curtis and Harlee have gone to the grocery store to get some marshmallows to make smores.  I guess Curtis will be making a fire tonight. 
Thought I should post the kids enjoying their new play center.  Nic really loves the glider, as you can tell!


Nat said...

that's an awesome play center, perfect childhood memories here!! hope you enjoy the smores and the weekend too! smiles :) !!!

Tracy said...

Who wouldn't love to play on that.
Good job grandpa...good job ;)