Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Up- Side-Down House

My house is in disarray as we get the natural wood floors done in the living room.  The garage is full of stuff. Te kitchen is full of couch, piano, table ..  What a dang mess!!!!!!
But it should be done by Friday.  
Thank goodness I was at work yesterday.  One less day I had to deal with it all!  But, work was crazy!!  Seems like it is always like that whenI am there!   The NICU gods are tormenting me.  There was a pot luck at the end of work yesterday for our manager, who is leaving this week.  They have an excellent gal replacing her,
One of these evening we shall go to the the fair.  Curtis already went on Monday evening to help our friend man the photo displays.  


Tracy said...

Have to say your kitchen looks like mine on a good day, teehee.
Your floors are going to be gorgeous :)

Tracey said...

Wow those floors are going to look fabulous!

Nat said...

I love hardwood floors, these will be beautiful when finished and well worth the hard work! Wishing you a wonderful Friday!