Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday.- Picture of the Week #25

It is a cloudy cool day here in Great Falls.  At least, we are not having the flooding that one of my favourite cities north of us in my home land is having.  The flooding in Calgary makes my heart ache!!!!!
I am going to share some pictures of the Lupine in my garden.  They are beautiful this year.  One thing that seems to flourish in my garden!
I am super tired today.  After working some shifts, minding the grandkids a couple of days and having some bug on Thursday evening, I am just wiped out.  Having a quiet day today.  No grass mowing, even though it needs it.  No cleaning.  No ironing.  Just a pamper Leslee day with peace and quiet.  I actually slept in until 8:30.  That never happens!!!!


Tracy said...

If anyone needs a pampering day it's you. You are always running for others. My lupins haven't flowered yet. But it seems everything is a month or so behind this year.. Except for the bugs. My heart goes out to those in Calgary as well

Nat said...

Hope you were able to relax and take time for your self :) I really can't believe the extreme flooding in Calgary, High River and Turner Valley.....very sad to see what they are going through.

Tracey said...

Everyone needs a little time to themselves....enjoy! Thanks for sharing this pretty photo...gorgeous.