Saturday, June 8, 2013

Picture of the week #23

Don't know what it is!  But it is pretty!  And it is blooming in my backyard! 

Has been a productive Saturday for me.  I finished planting all the flowers I am going to plant this year.  I got them all watered.  And I got some mulch put on the big garden out front.  I am trying hard to get it planted with perennials so I don't have to plant much up front.  Slowly it is happening.  I get excited to see what I have planted one year start to poke through the ground in the spring.
Curtis started to put the play set together.  But first he had to check out 3 boxes and makes sure everything was there.  I helped with the last box!!  The kids should be excited when it all gets done. 
Finished up a crafty project I am doing for Cait's birthday.  Can't post until after her big day on the 19th, because someone might peek!  
Now I am pooped after being outside most of the day. 

1 comment:

Tracy said...

I have those exact flowers but in pink.
Have no idea what they are. I think they are a wild flower, but not sure. And don't really care as they are pretty :)
Can't wait to see the play set :)