Saturday, June 15, 2013

Picture of the Week #24

This week I am posting a little visitor to my finch feeder I saw this past week.  I saw him twice in one day and nothing since and nothing before either.  Although I did see a couple of sparrow sitting on it the other day when it was raining.  They are very elusive and very quick to fly away. When I tried to get its photo in the morning he flew away when the screen door opened. 

Quiet Saturday around here.  Curtis has been building on the play set.  Me, running a couple of errands, getting a couple of gift bags ready to go.  I picked some rhubarb so I could make another strawberry- rhubarb crisp to take to work tomorrow and then they called to see if I would be on call for them.  Half an hour earlier I talked to them and I was working.  Whatever!!!!  Tended to my outside plants a bit. 


Tracy said...

Oh he is such a pretty bird :)

Nat said...

fab photo! this crisp does sound good. I wanted to make Strawberry Jam this year but because of all the rain they are not ready as of yet.
Have a great day!!! :)