Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Caitlin!

Today has been my baby's birthday.  She turned 23.  She is such a great young lady and I miss her so much.  She is smart.  She is sensitive.  She always adds a touch of spice to our lives.  And I am proud she is my daughter.  I hope she had a wonderful celebration today. 

Posting late as there have been storms all evening with thunder and lightening, thus the computer has been turned off.  Hopefully they are done for today.  I have been keeping myself busy.  I washed the wood floors in my scrap space.  I also mopped my other floors and vacuumed through.  Kirsten was here a couple of times.  I went to a meeting at work to find out our manager will be leaving at the end of July.  Uncertain times.  Curtis got home from the road.  And it rained hard, so I don't have to water the lawn. 


Tracy said...

Such a sweet post :)
Happy Birthday Caitlin :)

cait! said...

I had a great birthday. I love you Mom!

Nat said...

such great photos! wishing your daughter a very happy birthday!! :)