Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

I spent a busy day at work and came home to the clan here!

This guys delivers great pizza!!

Curtis got the crew out on the porch for a photo or two.

And the purple minion was a huge hit, according to her mama!

The boys stayed home with their nana. All our candy went and the light went off at 8:30. It truly was a gorgeous night out for trick or treating! I don't remember having warm nights like this when I was taking kids around the neighborhood.

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Nat said...

awesome costumes, looks like Halloween was a hit!
We had a very rainy day cold and even some snow. We got one kid at the door and my hubby gave him tons of candy!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!

Lisa said...

What fun costumes!! I'm glad you had nice was rotten here for the kiddos. Have a great day :)

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