Monday, August 19, 2013

A Day of Classes

Today, I spent the day at work, but taking classes.  Every 2 years we need to retake the STABLE coarse.  It is a class for how to stabilize a newborn and required if you work in the NICU.  t some point I need to do my NRP(neonatal resuscitation program). It is a very non stress day.  But having to sit Ina hard chair all day just about did me in.
I am scheduled to work again tomorrow, but I may be cancelled.  They are now working with four RN's, but I am the 5th.  So, I will either just be on call, or I will work and someone else will float, which irks me beyond measure.  I am registry and am scheduled to benefit my home unit, not staff the rest of the hospital!


Nat said...

cute as a button!!! totally sweet photo :) we have these learning days at work too and I always find them long! Have a great week :)

Tracy said...

He is such a cutie.
Sorry work is frustrating you. Maybe time to retire lol