Monday, August 12, 2013

A Kitchen Facelift.

Decided it was time to give my kitchen a little updating,  the counters were a little tired.  The floors are showing their age.  The garbage disposal quit a few weeks back.  So, the new granite counter tops were installed today.  The plumber comes in the morning to install the faucet and garbage disposal.  I go to pick out ceramic tile in the morning for the floors.  I think there will be a paint job.  Especially since they had to fit out some wall to get rid of the old counter.  But, I love the new counters.  They are beige with brown, grey, cream and dark blue.   Will take picture tomorrow in better light.

One little layout I created today, since I was cancelled from work. Spent time in my scrap space while they were installing cabinets.


Nat said...

oh, I love the countertop! beautiful updated look, thanks for the peek :) I adore your new layout, wonderful 4th of July memories!! :)

S said...

Sometimes the only good thing about having workmen in the house is that you can escape to crafting. I sure got a lot done when we did some redecorating year before last.

Tracy said...

I love your counter tops, gorgeous.
One day I will have granite tops :)
I like that you fit your scrapbooking in :) Beautiful layout :)

Tracey said...

Love the 4th of July sweet! Great layout! Your kitchen is going to look fabulous!