Saturday, August 3, 2013

Waffles for Breakfast

Today is Cait's last day here.  boy, has that week gone fast.  We decided last evening I would make waffles for breakfast, since neither of us get them very often.  Got some strawberries to go with.  

We all went to the fair for a bit late yesterday afternoon.  My layouts won quite a few categories.  I earned $54.  Not too shabby.  I got one honorable  mention for a photo of Harlee that I entered.  
The scrapbooks, quilts and cards are way on the other end of the fairgrounds with all the 4 H stuff.  I think a lot of people miss seeing them since they are so far from everything else.  I am sure no one actually goes into that building. Unless they have stuff entered.  

Curtis is headed up to meet his dad at Essex for lunch.  It is almost in Glacier Park.  About a 3 hour drive,  and he is on the motorcycle.  It is his day's birthday tomorrow.  He is celebrating being 88 years young. 


Tracy said...

Awww such sweet photos of you and Cait :)
I never entered my projects in the fairs, but I always went to check out what everyone else entered.
Congrats to you :)

Nat said...

huge congrats to you on winning at the fair, looks like you both had a beautiful visit together. beautiful memories and super yummy waffles :) have a great day!!! :)