Sunday, August 18, 2013

Turning Cartwheels!!!!

No,I am not turning them, but Harlee is sure trying to these days!
Been missing the last few days.  Just busy,  I worked all day yesterday and it was very busy.  On call at the moment and will be going To work a little later as our flight team has gone out for a baby. 
Friday was very busy.  Curtis and I went out for breakfast.  Came home and mowed the lawn.  Then I headed into work to do some computer training.  Visited the grocery store.came home and payed some bills and balanced the checkbook.  The grand kids were here for dinner and the evening.
Thursday was busy with all three grand kids.


cait! said...

Goodness gracious, The Toothless Wonder is adorable!

Tracy said...

Keep practicing Harlee :)
I loved doing cart wheels and flips when I was young and practiced. Was told I should have kept at it and could have been in Olympics....but I loved doing those flips :)

Nat said...

perfect Summer photos! I was always an un-coordinated kid and could never do a cartwheel lol!!! :)looking forward to seeing these pictures displayed beautifully on a scrapbook page :)

Tracey said...

Look forward to seeing these photos scraped !