Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Little Road Trip

OThis morning I headed down the road to Choteau, to pick out tile for the kitchen floor.  It should have been a beautiful drive, as it is west of us, about an hour, in the foothills of the Rockie mountains.  But it is so smokey ad hazy you could not see any mountains.  Lots of birds on Freezeout Lake.  And road construction.  It is the season to do road repair.   Out in the middle of no where there was a red stoplight.  And I had to stop and wait for the pilot truck.  It made me late for meeting the person tp help me choose the tile.  Curtis was home dealing with the plumber putting the new faucet and garage disposal on the kitchen sink. 
A field of wild flowers along the way.

Choteau does not normally have a stop light!
And look at my dirty windshield!


Nat said...

I love road trips, love the photos too. hope you found the tile you wanted! :)

Tracy said...

Road trips are my favourite :)

Tracey said...

What a wonderful drive....love the wild flowers!