Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Bag is Packed

And I am ready to fly out in the morning to Washington,  DC.  A visit with my sister since her son is getting married on Sat.  The wedding is in Gettysburg.  So, I basically spend tomorrow in the air or in the Denver airport!  
I think I could have over done it today as I am exhausted!!!  Had a bad night sleeping.  Cleaned bathrooms .  Then I started vacuuming and washing floors.  Got downstairs done and headed upstairs.  I was wondering why the vacuum kept shutting off and then it just died!  One dead Dyson!  I have had it for quite a few years probably at least 10 years.  
I did a few loads of laundry.  Took H. For a haircut before school starts tomorrow.
Booked a flight for Cait for Christmas.  Then was on the phone for quite a while with Hawaiin airlines, as they needed to rebook our flights for Nov.  Right now, We have no confirmed seat assignment, which doesn't make me rest east.  I booked early so I could get the seats I wanted!  They may be getting an earful from me come Nov.   But enough for now, I am headed to bed.  


Nat said...

you sound like me cleaning the house from top to bottom before I leave on a trip! Enjoy tour time away :)

Tracy said...

So exciting, hope you have a wonderful flight :)