Sunday, August 4, 2013

Long Day in the Car!

 Have spent the day in the car driving back to the coast with Cait.  We left home around 6:30.

We stopped about 3hours down the road , in Missoula and had a little breakfast at IHOP.  Long day driving across the state of WA.  We arrived around 6:30pm.     
I wanted seafood for dinner since it is at the coast.  We went to Dukes Chowder House.  Where I had a great meal of scallops, prawns and a Crab cake. Totally yummy.  Curtis isn't too fond of seafood.  

Will get on a plane tomorrow evening and fly home.  Great couple of days spent with Caitlin.


S said...

Sounds like a good trip - I adore crab cakes!

Tracy said...

I love a good road trip :)
Especially in your neck of the woods :)

Tracey said...

Great photo....your meal looks yum!

Nat said...

sounds like a wonderful outing, that meal looks totally yummy (making me hungry)!!!