Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Couple of Cards

I did find time to do some creating over the weekend.  Mother's Day cards were on the burner.  Needed to get them done since a couple go out of the country to Canada.  I also wanted to get them done before I have surgery this week.
Also made a couple of cards to send friends.

Used a newer stamp and die.
Today, I was canceled from work.  Kirsten needed to go into work for a bit, so I she had Cooper stay with me.  And then I picked up Harlee after school and she stayed with me until her daddy got through with work at 5pm.  Did a few things in between and my day was shot!!!  We'll see what happens tomorrow. 


cait! said...

Your dad was shot eh? Lololol. <3

Nat said...

I think you meant the day was shot :) these cards are beautiful totally love seeing them :)

Tracy said...

You had me freakin' out..you seemed so causual about your dad being shot, I was like OMG....she must have meant a needle.

Lovely cards as always.
Good luck with your surgery next week.