Monday, April 1, 2013

A Picnic in March???

The last few days have been awesome here in Big Sky country. Sunny, warm for March!
Last Friday, when I was watching the kids, they were playing outside and didn't want to come in for lunch.
So, I told them they could have a picnic.

Today, I did some sewing. I made 2 turkey casseroles and turkey noodle soup for Kirsten to put away. And I went with Kirsten while Harlee ad soccer practice to wrangle Nic. He played hard for 45min. He played on the playground and ran around with his kite. He exhausted me out just watching him!

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Tracy said...

Looks like the little ones enjoyed their picnic.
It will be awhile before any picnics are had here, lol.

Nat said...

Happy Spring! It snowed here up to yesterday lol. Your kids are super cute!! Smiles, Nat :)