Saturday, April 13, 2013

Picture of the Week #15

Posting a little picture of spring today.  For tomorrow it is predicted to be covered in SNOW!
This was taken in the backyard and I have a few more to post next week.

Yesterday, I headed down to Helena with Curtis since he had to talk to some people there and we took a friend along too.  A little shopping time at Ben Franklin's and Costco and lunch at Perkins. 

This morning we put our Select Comfort mattress together.  That was quite the job getting everything in its place.  Then, this afternoon we took the grandkids to the movies to give their mum a little break.  Meet the Cruds was a pretty good flick!!!! 


perlyfam said...

Sounds like you had a nice time in Helena! Costco, a little craft shopping and lunch with a friend sounds like a perfect afternoon!

Tracy said...

Hope you don't get that snow.
We didn't get any today, and hoping that it melts soon.