Sunday, April 7, 2013

Picture of the week #14

For last week the picture I have chosen is one of Kirsten and Tim,before Cooper is born. We were actually all together and snapped a picture or two. It has been awhile since they have had a photo together. It will go in Cooper's scrapbook.

Today, Curtis and I went to the Home and Garden show. I had a couple of things I wanted more info on. Talked to a fellow about redoing the natural wood floors under my carpet. Some idiot cut holes in the wood to accommodate A wood stove in the basement, which we got rid of ages ago.
Those holes also had grates across them. That both my girls cut their hands on as toddlers, requiring stitches. Also got the name of a company that does both ceramic tile floors and counter tops. So, I may need to call them too.
But, in the mean time the select comfort mattresses were there. We had tried one out when we visited Seattle a few weeks back. We need a new mattress and took the plunge. It should arrive within a couple of weeks.

We came home and headed to the soccer fields. H had her first soccer game. She was in tears when we arrived and was too scared to play on the big field. Hopefully it will be better next week. And it had started to rain just as we went outside, so we came back in for rain gear! Spring soccer is always so much fun in Mt. Seems like I did this 10-15 years ago with daughter #2.

Another, weekend over.

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S said...

It sounds like a grand weekend, Leslee. Our local home show was this weekend, but my hubby knows better than to take me. He's afraid he'll end up with too many new projects.

Anonymous said...
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