Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Babies, Babies EveryWhere!

Just an updated picture of Cooper(Day 3) when he was here spending the afternoon on Sunday
  I felt like sleeping too, because this is what it was doing outside.
And then last evening Curtis and I took a drive along the river and look what we found
Today, has been pretty busy for me.  I am pooped and headed to bed.  I was up early for a staff meeting at 7am.  And then I headed up to the preschool for a field trip to the library with Nic.  And he behaved like a model citizen.  I stopped at Kirsten's on the way home, briefly. She had a rough night with Cooper awake a lot.  She came to our house after lunch and had a nice shower, we picked up H after school.  I filled the rig up with gas--seems like I been doing a lot of chauffering this last week!!!!  Was home briefly and then headed back to Kirsten's as Harlee had soccer practice.  When that was finished, she got home and the baby was fussing again.  I used my magic and got him to sleep and back to bed.  Helped get Nic in his PJ's and Harlee in the shower.  All was quiet when I left to come home.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less hectic.  I am glad I took this time off from work so I can give Kirsten a hand with things. 

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Tracy said...

Awww I miss having a baby around...until I want to sleep that is, teehee.
The guess are here, but will be another month before they have their babies :)
I hope Kirsten realizes how lucky she is to have you around to help her out so much :)