Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Surprise this Morning!

Woke up to 4-5in. of snow that I had no idea we were expected to get.  I hear the roads were awful out this morning.  But by the time I was out moving on them, the roads were bare and wet.  Although I did have to brush the car off.  I headed into work for a couple of hours to cover for a meeting.  Still not very busy in the NICU, so I don't feel guilty being off.  Kirsten came over after lunch to kill some time.  I think she is bored to death waiting for Cooper to decide to grace us with his presence.  We walked around Michaels, Old Navy and Pier1.  Saw some nice things, but the stores didn't get our $$$ today.  Worked a little more on the travel albums. 


Dad {!-{> said...

Sorry I missed it!


cait! said...

I guess you had another surprise this morning eh! Kirsten says there are shoes at old navy you want to get me! I'm in!!! c:

Tracy said...

We also got snow...and still are :(