Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just a little Tune Up.

I am scheduled to have some surgery at the beginning of May.  In order for this to happen I have to have the blessings from my cardiologist.  So, yesterday I had a visit with her and today I had a cardiac echo and a chest XRay.  Also went and got a DTAP booster.  It has been way too long since I got one of these.  When I am at work I never make the time to go down to Employee Health and get one. 

Today, Kirsten also had her appt. and baby is still too high for her to be induced.  Next week, she is actually due.  But her dr. has given her a note to be off work since she has a on the border high BP.  Now if you could only take away 2 kids, a hubby and a dog, she might relax.

I picked up Harlee from school, did some ironing of Curtis's shirts, took a walk and had Kirsten visit a couple of times.  Going to put my feet up now!

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Tracy said...

Wishing you my best with your surgery.
I hope your doc. told you everything was A-Okay.