Friday, April 19, 2013

Cooper's Birth Day!

My day started awfully early yesterday when the phone rang at 1AM. It was Kirsten and her water had broke. She had sent out the eviction notice earlier in the evening! Tim had barely got in from working his evening job. So, I headed over to her house to watch Hand N. I couldn't get back to sleep and finally dozed from 4-5:45. The kids were surprised to see Nana there when they woke up. Got them all organized and out the door to get H to school by 8:10 and Then Nic to preschool. I picked up Tim some breakfast and headed up to the hospital.  She had her epidural in and they had Pitocin up to help her contractions. And by 12:18 Cooper had made an appearance. He weighed in at 9lb.- 4oz and 22in long. One big boy!!!!

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cait! said...

The little tear leaking out of his eye in the 3rd one down kills me! Come here little deuce coop, we can snuggle and it will be great!!!

Tracy said...

Again Congrats to you all.
So glad mom and baby are well :)