Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Black Friday shopping seems to get earlier and earlier and crazier and crazier with each year. This year, Thanksgiving can't even get finished and the stores are opening up. Some didn't even close, which I think is a shame, since they aren't an essential service. I think Thanksgiving is a day which should be set aside for family and friends and not shopping. But who the heck am I??? old fashioned, traditional!!!!!

But at midnight, Curtis was up as usual and headed out to Target to check out a couple of bargains. He got down to the store, couldn't find a park, made a U turn and headed back home. I guess the line up for the store was unreal. And that a lot of folks stayed up.

We didn't even head out early this morning. We did go shopping for a couple of items and then headed back home. I am not into the crowds.

Kirsten and the kids stopped over for a few minutes this afternoon. Harlee asked - aren't you going to take my picture, nana?? So out came the camera and this is what I ended up with.

Onto tomorrow......


Tracy said...

Teehee, Harley is a typical little girl, loves getting her photo taken....until she hits the teens, lol.

cait barrow said...

Darcie and I braved walmart in Lakewood (scary) at about 6 last night, and it was only like normal walmart crazy. I found some good deals on a TV show I'd been wanting to get. I got three seasons for the price of one. We also popped over to World Market where Jewelry was buy one get one free, and you know how I feel about World Market jewelry. I got a pair of earrings with sterling feathers, one with silver coin type things, and one with yellow gems. I also got a sparkly ring (you know how I feel about those too). Then we got Taco Bell and came home. c:

mehmkefar said...

She is so danged cute!! I sure hear you about Black Friday and Thanksgiving too.