Thursday, November 17, 2011

How the Wind does Howl

out here on the plains. This usually happens before the storm blows in. And we have snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow.
I picked up Harlee from the preschool bus and she was telling me how the wind was blowing her around on the playground at school.
Today, I have been working on the advent calendar goodies for Harlee and Nic. Harlee saw the little house out with the notes inside. She says to me, " Can I Help You, Nana!' I tell her - then it wouldn't be a surprise for you. She was happy to play Wii and then a little on the IPad before her papa came to get her.


cait barrow said...

She's so sweet that she wants to help her Nana. c:

Tracy said...

Beautiful cards :)
We had snow snow on our drive up here. Was a bit nervous....even though Wayne is an excellent driver.