Saturday, November 12, 2011

Picture of the Week #44

I like this picture a lot because of the different textures. Hope you do too.

Have had a frustrating morning. Curtis and I went out shopping. We managed to find him a nice winter coat for a pretty good price.
Then we headed to Sears to buy a new washer and dryer and a dishwasher too. I know a few things I don't want. When I decided what I wanted then all the extra charges come out---installation for the dishwasher, delivery, removal of the old dishwasher. When they said the hoses don't come with the washer and I would have to pay for them, that's when I lost my cookies and left without anything. They are trying to nickel and dime you like the airlines. I will shop around before I go back to leave my hard earned $$$$$ there. I am so over Sears!!!!!!My blood is boiling. Had some lunch and then just came back home--puts a bad taste in my mouth!


cait barrow said...

You sound like me. Lol.

Tracy said...

Your photo is stunning. I do love the texture and the colours and the background.
As for would think they would be a bit more helpful, with all these other places (brick, leons and such) selling for less.

mehmkefar said...

I so hear you about appliances. Very frustrating!! Love this composition. You have such an artistic eye.