Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Little Knitting Project

A couple of weeks back the knitting needles came out for a Christmas project.
Here is the wool and here is a little preview of the project. I really like the colours. Any guesses????

Quiet Sunday around here.
I did go to the family day at Festival of Trees with Kirsten and Tim and the kids.
Also Kirsten and the kids came to enjoy a roast in the crock pot.
Pretty yummy.
Scheduled to work tomorrow, but not sure what the status is??? and I won't know until 5am.


cait barrow said...

Whatever it is it sure looks good!

Tracy said...

I love to knit, there is just something so relaxing and comforting about it.
I am guessing mittens or socks :)

mehmkefar said...

Looks like a bit of orange in there and it is going to be beautiful. I bet it is a scarf for for Harley.