Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Sunday of Advent.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is from the Latin word adventus meaning "coming". So, this means, I need to get prepared for Christmas.
I feel a panic, once I know American Thanksgiving is done and Christmas is a mere 4 weeks away.
Finish shopping, get presents sent out to family out of state and out of country.
Christmas decorating, Christmas baking. And wrapping. I not sure how to simplify things. I'd welcome any suggestions. But I did get my fall decorations down and put away.
Today I have been canceled from work. I just finished watching 2 of my favourite things on TV--figure skating and they were skating to Manheim SteamRoller. Could I just sit there and watch it---that would be no!!!!! I was wrapping up some of the Christmas gifts I already have.
But in celebration of advent, my grandchildren have a little advent house. There is a present for each day of December for them to open. Back in the day, my girls had the calendars where they opened up a small chocolate every day.
Any way it is part of our family Christmas traditions.


cait barrow said...

Don't worry. Regardless of your panic, you're still waaaaaay more on top of things than I am. c:

Tracy said...

I love your advent calanders. My girls still get the chocolate does wayne, teehee.
I am hopefully getting 4 of the krieser krafts ones...but not even going to worry about them until NEXT year.
As for getting so much done, I can't help with that. I procrastinate until the last minute, then go crazy, lol.