Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Elf

Long before-The Elf on the Shelf, there was Elfie.
He was the elf Santa sent to visit our home at Christmas time.
He would wonder around the house at night and be in a new location, most mornings.
Well, Elfie has been missing from our family for quite a few Christmases.
He is about to make a reappearance at the house of Harlee and Nicholas.
I think it should be cute, especially with Harlee. She is really into Christmas this year, being 4. She tells me she is not afraid to talk to Santa this year.
We shall see what reactions there are to Elfie when he arrives at the Steele household.

It is very dull and gloomy out today, with snow expected tonight and tomorrow.
Curtis is on the road to Missoula and will be back tonight.


cait barrow said...

ELFIEEEEEE!!! You've returned to us! <3

Tracy said...

What a sweet and fun activity for the little ones :)