Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Field Trip with Harlee

Today I went on a field trip with Harlee's preschool class to Pizza Hut to make Pizzas. I remember the days when I went on field trips with my own girls--sure brings back the memories. I even rode the school bus with her. I think she was happy to have her nana with her. And she ate most of her pizza she made for herself. But she had to save one piece to take home to her mama. She always is thinking about someone else--I think that is remarkable for a 4 year old! Anyway I enjoyed spending the time with my little granddaughter. Far too soon she will be grown up on us-so I am enjoying all I can while she is little.


Tracy said...

Very brave of you to take the bus with the little ones, teehee.
Seriously though I do miss those days also.
She looks like she had a fun day :)

cait barrow said...

I don't remember preschool field trips. I was too little. It looks like an awful lot of fun. That was so nice of her to save some pizza for mommy. What did she put on it?