Saturday, March 22, 2014

Busy Friday

Yesterday turned out to be kind of a busy day. 

We watched Cooper all morning.
We also had an appointment with a financial adviser since Curtis is retiring in a couple of months.  After Cooper left I ran to the bank and delivered a few more cookies to work. 

And this is what we dealt with all day.  Snow, snow and more snow. 

But today, the sun shines ever so brightly.   But it is cold out. 

We headed over to Kirsten's a little after 5pm.  Curtis stayed with the boys.  Kirsten and I took Harlee to her Cheer/ Dance performance.  She cheered her little heart out.  And she knew her dance routine down pat.   Kirsten didn't get the memo that she was to have black pants.  But that way she stuck out and we could really focus on her. 

And the princess came and spent the night with her nana and papa.  We all watched Frozen.  She wanted pancakes for breakfast.  She swam in the big jacuzzi tub.  And is out with her papa, down by the river taking photos. 

Will leave you with one little,easy peasy layout I did. 


cait! said...

That sounds like a fun evening. Wish I was there! c:

Tracy said...

Another great layout!
Harlee is loving her cheering, you can tell :)

S said...

Well, your last post mentions spring and then you get hit with snow - no fair. Cute page - the big star is fab.