Monday, March 10, 2014

One Little Picture

Scrapped 3 times, I am not the scrapper who replicates layouts with the same photo. I do unique and individual layouts for each photo.

You have seen this layout already.

And over the weekend I made layouts for the other two munchkins.

Which one of the triple play do you like the best? I know which one I am partial to.

After having such a warm day yesterday, we awoke to rain and ute continued for most of the day. This evening huge white flakes are coming down? I simply have had enough of this white stuff! Curtis did not have such a fun drive up to the Flathead.

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Dad {!-{> said...

I like #3!

Tracy said...

You want us to pick one!!!
I just can't do it.
I like the first one because of the traditional colours, but I like the other two for the none traditional colours.
So you are making each grand child an album?
That is so special, they will treasure these.
Are these 12x12 layouts?
Okay enough questions from me for tonight, teehee.

S said...

I like the first one best only because I have that same paper. You are on a scrappy roll - these are all terrific.