Friday, March 28, 2014


although it really doesn't matter much to me anymore!!!  Or never did since I often worked weekends and my week was just beginning.

My day seems to have sped along and is almost over.  Got to the bank.  Kirsten and I got the cup cakes delivered to the school.  The kids were out early at 1:15 today and I went with Kirsten to get them.  This afternoon, I ran to the grocery store for a couple of things.  Took a Cricut cartridge to a gal at work to borrow.  Picked up some adhesive at JoAnn's.

Watching Cooper, while Kirsten is taking his siblings to the carnival at the school.  He ate dinner and then conked out as he didn't take an afternoon nap.  Makes it pretty easy babysitting.

Running out of layouts to share, so I better do a little creating tomorrow.  But I did get my Easter cards made today with a simple cutout done on my Silhouette.  I like easy, peasy!!!!

My layout today is of when Harlee took her first ride on grandpa's motorcycle last summer.


cait! said...

Glad you're feeling a little more yourself!

Tracy said...

I remember when you shared this photo :)
Cute layout as always :)